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Umm, FYI, prostitution is legal in Columbia. Why don’t you point that out?
Prostitution is NOT legal in Colombia. It’s a widespread problem in touristic cities, there’s a difference there. And why is it a widespread problem? Coz there are men willing to travel and pay for it. If men had a minimum of values and respect for women, prostitution won’t be a living option to poor women in third world countries.
Prostitution in the Netherlands.
This blog was formerly about the quest of a John to find the ‘voluntary prostitute’ in the Netherlands. How does a client of prostitutes separate the forced from the voluntary ones? Is it possible? That turns out to be a very difficult question. My current believe is that prostitution can never be regulated and that it would be better if people don’t visit prostitutes. I see prostitution as paid sexual harassment, and therefore a human rights violation.
Friday, December 29, 2006.
When you’ll hear or read stories about madams and voodoo, that mainly applies to the Nigerians. The Nigerian prostitutes in the Netherlands mainly come from the Edo area. And according to the Wikipedia article about voodoo ( ) 80 percent of the population in the Edo area is an adherent to that religion. Also in the South Eastern Ghana are some adherents. But the Ghanians the Netherlands don’t seem to follow that religion.
It is strange that many (app a quarter) of the reported victims of human trafficking are from Africa, while many fieldworkers have the impression that especially the African prostitutes are very independent and professional. But some others disagree. It is difficult to explain this contradiction.
That way the group of Brazilians has completely disappeared since 2000. Initially African women came in their place. These women were nearly all victim of human trafficking and lived here with false documents.
The threatening of family can affect prostitutes who work for a pimp when they indicate they want to stop with the work. The employees of a shelter facility for juvenile prostitutes notice that this signal can particularly be applied to African girls. The girls coming from Africa have an unclear story (despite the interference of interpreters and experts) and are often confused. There’s the impression that they live under a great fear, which has the result that they do not dare to tell what’s going on. It seems that these girls tell a story which was formulated beforehand. After keeping asking questions things turn out to be not right or impossible. What is clear is that they themselves and their family members are threatened with lots of things if they would withdraw from their trafficker. For aid workers it is very difficult to keep in contact with them. Usually the African girls disappear quickly from the shelter facility with unknown destination.
(. ) Edwin Boer of the Landelijk Expertisecentrum Mensenhandel emphasizes that each report made by a victim is taken seriously, but establishes that investigators increasingly encounter a general story. The supposed victim then cannot name concrete facts and circumstances, so says Boer in RTL nieuws. (. ) especially Nigerian women are being forced to abuse the [B9]-arrangement. Often women are involved who are exploited as a prostitute. (. )
“The first thing I feel from my Christian inspiration when I see the girls on the street is compassion. I got to talk to some of the girls. I asked them how they came here. Why they did this work.” He found out that most girls end up in prostitution against their will. They pay a lot of money to human traffickers, with the expectation they will get a job or education in Western Europe. “They are tricked. I know a young women who wanted to continue her study of law here, but who ended up straight on de Wallen.”
Vellinga (1999 “West-Afrikaanse AMA’s: vermist, maar ook gemist? Een onderzoek naar de voorkoming van verdwijning van West-Afrikaanse alleenstaande minderjarige asielzoekster (AMA’s) uit opvangcentra in Nederland.” ) found out through analysis of criminal investigation researches that what the women are telling is a story which had previously been instructed to them. Many West African women say they are AMA [Alleenstaande Minderjarige Asielzoeker = Single Minor Asylum Seeker] and report they are 15 or 16 years old. They tell that their parents have diseased and furthermore have nobody. Onboard of the airplane they have been helped by an unknown man who wanted to ‘help’ them (Vellinga, 1999). The similarities with the stories which had been told by the African prostitutes who had been encountered in Twente, are striking.
The stories told by the women however are not the real stories. The true story is that the girls in the country of origin, often Nigeria, have been recruited for prostitution. The recruiters are often also the women who have themselves worked in prostitution in Europe, after returning a couple of years later being rich, and recruit new young women and girls to follow their footsteps. The parents of the girl are approached by a recruiter with the question if their daughter wants to work in a Western country. Because of poverty the parents give their daughters to a recruiter. Although girls often know that they will be working in prostitution, they do not know what that entails. According to research (Van Dijk and others, 1999 , “Een schijn van voodoo. Culturele achtergronden van de handel in Nigeriaanse meisjes voor de Nederlandse prostitutie: een verkenning.” ) the meaning of sexuality and prostitution in Africa is different. In the Netherlands the girls are often exposed to violence and are being forced to perform sexual acts which they (can and are allowed to) refuse in Nigeria.

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