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Cant reach orgasm beacuse of antidepressants


Cant reach orgasm beacuse of antidepressants
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Brotherhood is like a scar.
It will last your whole life.
A family that does not gather together will be divided.
Kusanya : collect, gather together, assemble, amass.
3775. Ujamaa ukiingia kutu, unyonyaji hustawi. EM u4.
When a familyhood gathers moss, exploitation thrives.
When love and respect for each other in the household erodes by foreign practices, people begin to exploit each other as they become more interested in personal advantages.
3776. Ujana ni tumaini, uzee ni kumbukumbu. EM. u6.
Youth is hope, old age is remembrance.
Youth lives on expectation on what is coming; old people live more on remembering what’s past rather than on what’s coming.
3777. Ujira wa mzazi aujua mungu. REK.
The wages of a parent are known by God.
God knows what is due to parents.
3778. Ukalamzi wa mtoto sawa na ule wa baba yake. AL 1799.
The craftiness of the child is the same as its father’s.
3779. Ukibeza la [ya] mkuu, utaona makuu. NGU.
If you scorn [the advice] of your elder, you’ll see evil happenings.
3780. Ukigombana na mama asiye mama yako, ni kuchokoza midomo bure. KB.301.
To dispute with your stepmother is to tire your lips for nothing.
A stepmother does not have the same sentiments as a mother.
3781. Ukila na ndege, ule na kuku. AL 887.
If you eat with the birds, eat also with the chickens.
Ukila na ndege, ukumbuke kuku. AL 887.
If you eat with the birds, remember the chicken.
Inviting a visitor for a meal must not harm your family.
3782. Ukimlea mwana mwema, na mui mlelee; mwema ukimpa mchele, mui mpe chelele. KA.
If you bring up a good child, bring up also the bad one; if you give rice to the good one, give rice husks to the bad one.
Do not throw out the bad child, give it something. Cf #1546.
3783. Ukimwoa mke mpya, hutamsahau wa zamani. AL, oa ; AL 927.
If you marry a new wife, you will not forget the old one.
The man with several wives must preserve the rank of his first wife. AL.
3784. Ukioa bibi ueneze kino na mtwangio. AL 941.
If you take a wife, make also room for the pestle and mortar.
Mtwangio (Kitabwa dialect) for mchi : pestle.
3785. Ukiogopa kutumia fimbo, uta[m]haribu mtoto. NGU.
If you are afraid to use the stick, you’ll harm [spoil] the child.
3786. Ukiokota njelani, yafaa kuvumulia machafu. AL 914.
If you collect lianas, you better be ready to suffer dirt.
Lianas for basket making must be split and scraped, releasing lots of dirty matter.
A person who marries must be ready to support the family. AL.
Njelani (Kingwana dialect) also bugu, kamba : liana, tropical creeper.
If you are predestined to be married, you are married.
To be destined by God. What God has decreed will happen. Sacleux.
Olewa : to be taken in marriage.
3788. Ukipata chungu kipya, usitupe kile cha zamani . AL 975; AL, pata .
If you get a new waterpot, don’t throw away the old one.
Don’t reject what is still used, even if it has lost its shine; the new spouse must not despise the older woman.
Ukipata chungu kipya, usisahau kigae. AL 974.
If you get a new stone pot, don’t forget the old potsherd.
Inlaws are like a refuse dump.
Marriage is costly. The inlaws are always asking for supplements to the brideprice.
3790. Ulimwengu una tata, siikuwe; ambao wamkamata, simtoe. JKP.
The world is full of problems, don’t be proud; the one you have, don’t let her go.
"It’s better to keep a wife than to take a mistress." JKP.
3791. Umande hauogopi shemeji. AL 781.
The brother or sister in-law is not afraid of the morning dew.
A determined person overcomes difficulties. AL.
In certain circumstances one breaks rules.
3792. Umekuwa bata akili kwa watoto? F.47.22; AL 900.
Are you a duck that your mind is only on your children? F.
About someone who takes care of close family only. AL.
The one you desire, do not look at her.
It would be improper for a gentleman to stare at the woman he fancies. JKP.
3794. Undugu ni firisi [hirisi] hautafunwi kwa meno. NGU.
Brotherhood is like a charm, it is not crushed with teeth.
3795. Upate kumshauria mtoto wa mama yake lazima kukausha macho yako. AL, jicho ; AL 783.
To be able to advise the child of its mother, you must be intrepid (have dry eyes).
Someone decisive is also audacious. AL.
3796. Upendo wa mama kwa mwana hauchagui. NGU.
A mother‘s love for her child is not biased.
3797. Usiache mkeo kwa maneno ya kusikia. NGU.
Don’t leave your wife on account of what you heard. Cf. #925.
3798. Uzazi [una] matata, ugumba [una] matata. NGU.
Giving birth has trouble, sterility has trouble.
Parenthood has troubles, spinsters and bachelors have trouble too.
3799. Uzazi wachekwa na mtu gumba: mzazi ajionea uchungu. AL 1290.
Parenthood is mocked by the childless person: a parent resents the bitterness.
Success of others causes jealousy.
3800. Vitu vya myumbani vinajulikana na panya; basi mwewe anapita juu ataweza kujua vilivyo nyumbani. AL 903.
The mouse knows about the things in the house; but what does the hawk, that flies overhead, know about things of that house.
All the fingers are not the same.
Children of one family may differ. JKP.
They were married, they will speak to one another.

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