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la moglie regala un bel bocchino al marito
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Submarine TURBULENT arrived at Malta from Gibraltar.
Aircraft carrier INDOMITABLE and destroeyrs NIZAM, NESTER, and NAPIER arrived at Trincomalee from operation OPPONENT.
Australian light cruiser HOBART and destroyer TENEDOS departed Singapore for Batavia.
Destroyer SCOUT was ordered to return to Singapore from operations at Sabang.
Submarine TRUSTY departed Singapore for patrol in the southern part of the Gulf of Siam. On completion of patrol, she was to proceed to Batavia .
Convoy MR.2 departed Madras with steamer ELLENGA (5196grt), escorted by Australian armed merchant cruiser MANOORA, Indian sloop INDUS,and patrol vessel SONAVATI. The convoy dispersed on the 5th and the escorts were detached.
3 February, Tuesday.
Heavy cruiser CUMBERLAND departed Scapa Flow for Rosyth to land contaminated cordite before proceeding to refitting at Chatham. She arrived at Rosyth on the 4th.
Light cruiser NIGERIA (CS.10) departed Scapa Flow to meet and escort convoy PQ.9 and PQ.10 to Murmansk .
Destroyers ESCAPADE and PANTHER departed Hvalfjord at 1400 for Scapa Flow . ESCAPADE was proceeding to Immingham for refitting and PANTHER completing working up. ESCAPADE arrived at Scapa Flow at 0815/5th and sailed at 1200 for Immingham, while PANTHER arrived there at 1200 after carrying out gunnery practices in Pentland Firth . ESCAPADE arrived in the Humber at 1130/6th for refit.
Destroyers FAULKNOR and INTREPID departed Seidisfjord to escort convoys PQ.9 and PQ.10 to Murmansk.
Minesweeper NIGER arrived at Scapa Flow at 1000 to carry out a “Short Programme of Practices” (Home Fleet Destroyers War Diary) prior to her departure for Northern Russia .
U.106 sank Swedish steamer AMERIKALAND (15,355grt) in 36-36N, 74-10W. Four crew were lost.
U.86 attacked a convoy in mid-Atlantic and reported explosions which may have been the torpedoes exploding at the end of their runs.
Convoy AT.25 departed Alexandria, escorted by destroyers HEYTHROP and HURWORTH, and arrived at Tobruk on the 5th.
U.431 attacked a Tanker near Sidi Barrani at 2305. A torpedo hit without detonation and was heard in the submarine. A few minutes later, the submarine fired torpedoes against the escorting destroyer. At the same time – 2305, U.73 attacked a destroyer near Sidi Barrani. These attacks were against empty ships, which had departed Tobruk, escorted by destroyers SOUTHWOLD, DULVERTON and HASTY. No damage was done to the convoy or the destroyers and no mention of either attack appears in the War Diary.
Submarine P.35 sank Italian steamer NAPOLI (6142grt) off Kuriat.
Convoy HG.78 of two steamers departed Gibraltar escorted by corvettes GARDENIA and SAMPHIRE and anti-submarine trawler LORD HOTHAM. Corvette RHODODENDRON joined on the 5th with two steamers near Lisbon. The convoy arrived at Liverpool on the 14th.
Convoy JS 1, whose ships had arrived independently at Colombo at the end of January,departed Colombo with British steamers ADRASTUS (7905grt), ALICE MOLLER (4986grt), FILLEIGH (4856grt), LULWORTH HILL (7628grt), MODASA (9070grt), YOMA (8131grt), HERMION (5202grt) and PROMINENT (2282grt). Norwegian steamer HAI LEE (3616grt) departed Colombo on the 4th and joined the convoy on the 5th. ALICE MOLLER returned to Colombo with defects.
The convoy was escorted by heavy cruiser CORNWALL to the 10th and minesweepers BATHURST and LISMORE to the 5th, after which they detached to screen battleship ROYAL SOVEREIGN and netlayer PROTECTOR en route to Trincomalee from Addu. On the 10th, light cruiser HOBART joined the escort and remained until the 13th. On the 11th, heavy cruiser EXETER joined and remained until the 13th. On the 12th, destroyer ELECTRA and sloop JUMNA joined. HOBART and JUMNA arrived on the 13th at Oosthaven with steamers FILLEIGH, YOMA, LULWORTH HILL, HAI LEE and HERMION. JUMNA remained there to provide anti-submarine patrol with Australian minesweepers GOULBURN and BURNIE. Meanwhile ELECTRA and steamers ADRASTUS, MODASA, and PROMINENT arrived at Batavia on the 14th. CORNWALL arrived back at Colombo on the 13th.
Australian destroyer VENDETTA (Acting Lt W G Whitting RANR) departed Singapore in the tow of tug ST JUST. Two more officers, Gunner J C Lace and Commissioned Engineer N J E Lark and eighteen ratings made up the crew. Off Keppel Harbour , destroyer STRONGHOLD took her in tow. The three ships arrived at Palembang on the 4th and STRONGHOLD proceeded to other duties.
VENDETTA was towed on the 8th by ST JUST, arriving at Batavia on the 10th and anchored at Tanjong Priok, remaining there until the 17th. She then left in tow of two tugs and was met by auxiliary patrol ship PING WO outside the harbour. PING WO took over the tow and they joined convoy SJ.3 escorted by destroyer ELECTRA and sloop YARRA. On 24 February off Christmas Island , light cruiser ADELAIDE relieved YARRA in the escort. YARRA returned to Batavia .
On 3 March, tug NEWCASTLE from Fremantle took over the tow and they arrived at Fremantle next day. VENDETTA at Melbourne on 15 April.
Steamer NORAH MULLER (4433grt) was sunk by Japanese bombing off West Nangka Point in the Banka Strait. Seventeen crew were killed, but eight European survivors, 13 passengers, all the naval gunners, and 31 Chinese were rescued. Australian light cruiser HOBART took off 57 survivors and destroyer TENEDOS took off thirteen. Six wounded died of wounds before the ships arrived at Tanjong Priok on the 4th.

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